ALR Technologies Announces Electronic Insulin Dosing Consultations by Endocrinologists

New Feature of Health-e-Connect System Will Encourage Widespread Adoption of Intensive Blood Glucose Management

Richmond, VA, May 7, 2014 – ALR Technologies (US OTC: ALRT) announced that it has upgraded its Health-e-Connect Diabetes Management System in order to facilitate online, insulin dosing consultations for physicians. Through ALRT’s Health-e-Connect System, prescribing physicians will have the option to receive an online second opinion on their recommended insulin dose from an independent consulting endocrinologist.

The consulting endocrinologist will provide the dosing opinion based on a review of actual blood glucose data from the patient’s meter in combination with other important factors necessary for prescribing, such as current insulin dosage, height and weight. ALRT’s Health-e-Connect Diabetes Management System is an ideal tool to assist providers with an online second opinion as patient blood glucose data and other key information can be made available online to the consulting specialist. Such a tool creates an easy method to allow a prescribing clinician to regularly adjust a patient’s insulin dose without an office visit.

The Insulin Dose Adjustment Consultation (IDAC) system is in the final testing phase with expected customer availability in mid-June.

This new feature will provide many more physicians with the capability to intensively manage the blood glucose of their patients as ALRT’s Diabetes Care Facilitators will monitor patient blood glucose levels, helping to spot trends in the data that may require a dose adjustment. As the number of patients with diabetes is expected grow and the shortage of physicians accelerates, providers will be able to care for more patients without sacrificing the quality of care.

For patients, the regular adjustment of their insulin dose holds the potential that their insulin dose may be optimized on a regular basis, which may slow the progression of some comorbidities associated with diabetes. Additionally, with the monitoring and care facilitation embedded in the Health-e-Connect System, patients may also find it easier to adhere to their insulin regimen.

Finally, for payers, the widespread adoption of intensive blood glucose management would be a key tool in helping to manage the escalating costs of diabetes care without the cost of additional specialist office visits.

The proper dosing of insulin is one of the most important challenges in the clinical practice of diabetes. Insulin doses that are too low result in poor glucose control, leading to significant microvascular complications and comorbidities. Insulin doses that are too high can cause hypoglycemia, risking adverse events such as unconsciousness, coma and even death. Besides these serious health consequences for patients, the poor outcomes produced by improper insulin dosing lead to significant, unnecessary healthcare costs.

ALRT’s CEO Sidney Chan said: “The clinical practice of diabetes would be improved through a system that ensures patients are more likely to be at their optimal dose of insulin. Intensive blood glucose management has been shown to be effective and some patients who are lucky enough to be treated by high-end endocrinologists have access to its benefits. We want to bring this high level of intensive treatment to primary care physicians and to a much broader population of patients.”

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