ALRT System May Help Providers Meet Chronic Care Management Reimbursement Requirements

Health-e-Connect Helps Care Providers Secure Significant New Revenue Stream

(January 7, 2015 -- RICHMOND, VA) Medical practices may be able to secure new revenue while they improve outcomes for patients with diabetes by using Health-e-Connect, the remote diabetes care management system from ALR Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: ALRT).

An analysis from Avalere Health LLC, commissioned by ALRT, follows the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) establishment of a new reimbursement code for non-face-to-face chronic care management (CCM) with a payment rate of $42.60 per patient per month. This new payment is available to providers as of January 1, 2015, but only if they meet CMS’ extensive and complex requirements, according to Avalere. The ALRT system is designed to enable medical practices to meet these requirements while helping improve outcomes for patients with diabetes.

For patients with diabetes and at least one additional chronic condition, the ALRT system may assist the provider in fulfilling the following requirements for reimbursement under the new HCPCS code 99490:

  • Billing – All or part of the required 20 minutes of care coordination may be performed by clinical staff, including staff at ALRT reviewing data for patients monitored by the ALRT system, as long as they meet Medicare’s “incident to” requirements under §410.26.

  • Accounting for Time – The ALRT system can account for all time spent toward the required 20 minutes per month.

  • Plan of Care – The ALRT system is easily integrated into patient care plans and can facilitate protocols for monitoring, communicating, and educating patients.

  • Electronic Health Records – The ALRT system allows access to EHRs for the entire care team.

  • Patient Consent – The ALRT system integrates patient consent.

  • Patient Characteristics – Diabetes meets the criteria of a chronic condition for these services.

“The requirements for billing CCM services are extensive, complex and potentially burdensome on (care) providers,” the Avalere memo states. “Moreover, it is not certain that merely billing for CCM services will improve patient outcomes for some physician practices.” Avalere concludes, “ALRT’s Diabetes Management Program may be a helpful addition to a provider practice in meeting some billing requirements for CCM services for patients with two or more chronic conditions.”

“We are very confident that our Health-e-Connect remote diabetes monitoring system is the seamless solution for medical practices that want to draw down the reimbursement under code 99490 without building additional infrastructure,” said Bill Smith, president of ALR Technologies. “But just as important, you’re not simply shuffling papers to get a payment. Health-e-Connect can save a physician’s time, increase patient adherence and improve outcomes, HEDIS scores, and pay for performance compensation.”

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