ALRT Launches Prediabetes Solution Completing Most Comprehensive Diabetes Management System Available Today

New Feature Will Expand the Scope of the ALRT Diabetes Solution to Help Prevent Diabetes

(July 27, 2020 -- RICHMOND, VA) ALR Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: ALRT) is launching the ALRT Prediabetes Solution. This is a new, prevention-based feature of the ALRT Diabetes Solution that is already well-positioned in the diabetes patient care marketplace. The new product was designed in direct response to discussions with government healthcare authorities for a scalable solution that could address the growing problem of prediabetes.

ALRT is making its new Prediabetes Solution available at no cost to health plans that are using the ALRT Diabetes Solution for their current beneficiaries who have diabetes. This will help payer groups manage the diabetes pandemic at its most treatable stage.

The newest features expand the scope of the ALRT Diabetes Solution, further cementing it as the most comprehensive diabetes management platform available on the market today. The Prediabetes Solution provides patients with educational videos and supplemental content formatted for mobile devices and a private online community to discuss disease management (e.g., support, weight loss, diet, etc.). Most importantly, the System tracks patients and reminds them to test their A1C according to payer protocols. This is the best way to ensure that patients get therapy as soon as they cross the threshold to overt diabetes. Effectively, the ALRT Prediabetes Solution gives patients access to all the products in the ALRT Diabetes Solution, less the blood glucose testing supplies and weekly reviews by the healthcare team.

“In our discussions with government healthcare authorities, we became acutely aware of their desire for turnkey technology that addresses both diabetes and prediabetes,” commented Sidney Chan, CEO of ALR Technologies. “Ultimately, most people with prediabetes will transition into diabetes, which is when costs start skyrocketing and quality of life diminishes. Our goal is to provide solutions that can delay, or even prevent, the onset of full-on disease, while getting patients and healthcare providers into the ALRT Diabetes Solution framework.”

The ALRT Prediabetes system will give patients the tools that they need to be proactive in monitoring their A1C. As with any disease, early detection is critical to controlling outcomes. As soon as a patient’s A1C exceeds the diagnostic threshold for diabetes, the healthcare provider can immediately prescribe the ALRT Diabetes Solution to closely monitor and guide the patient’s clinical progress.

“Prediabetes is a major concern for healthcare payers,” continued Mr. Chan. “We are now offering a turnkey prediabetes solution at no cost for both government and private health plans to aid in diabetes detection. This will help reduce treatment costs and hopefully result in slowing the accelerating diagnosis rate for diabetes, one of the most expensive chronic diseases in the world.”

“The ALRT blood glucose testing system uses one of the most accurate monitors available, yet it will cost less than most other testing platforms. For health plans that purchase the ALRT blood glucose testing system, the management system for Diabetes Solution and Prediabetes Solution will be available at no cost,” concluded Mr. Chan.

About ALR Technologies Inc.

ALR Technologies is a medical device company that developed the ALRT Diabetes Solution, a comprehensive approach to diabetes care that includes: an FDA-cleared and HIPAA compliant diabetes management system that collects data directly from blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring devices; a patent pending Predictive A1C algorithm to track treatment success between lab reports and an FDA-cleared Insulin Dosing Adjustment program. ALRT also offers an algorithm to provide prescribers support for timely non-insulin medication advancements. The overall goal is to optimize diabetes drug therapies to drive improved patient outcomes. The program tracks performance of all clinical activities to ensure best practices are followed. The ALRT Diabetes Solution gives providers a platform for remote diabetes care, helping to minimize patient exposure to potential infections in clinical settings. Currently, the Company is focused on diabetes and will expand its services to cover other chronic diseases anchored on verifiable data. More information about ALR Technologies Inc. can be found at


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