ALR Technologies Announces Completion of Pivotal Non-Inferiority Study on the GluCurve Pet CGM

(March 15, 2022 -- Singapore) ALR Technologies (“ALRT” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: ALRT), the diabetes management company, today announced successful results from the conclusion of the non-inferiority study conducted on the GluCurve Pet CGM which was previously announced on February 10, 2022 and February 28, 2022. GluCurve is the first of its kind Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) specifically for diabetic cats and dogs.

Notable findings from the study:

  • Utilizing a chemistry analyzer as the baseline, the GluCurve Pet CGM was more accurate than the leading Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) for animals 47.8% of the time.

  • 100% of the GluCurve Pet CGM readings paired to the chemistry analyzer reference values were within ±20%, compared to 86.9% from the animal BGM

  • The GluCurve Pet CGM’s average deviation from the baseline was 9.7% compared to 8.2% from the animal BGM.

  • No clinically significant differences were found when comparing the GluCurve Pet CGM to the chemistry analyzer or leading animal BGM.

  • GluCurve displayed otherwise unavailable data on insulin injection times, eating habits, activity, and stress seen through changes in glucose on a day-to-day basis.

Dr. Imperato, lead veterinarian in the study commented, “The GluCurve Pet CGM plugs a long-standing gap in managing veterinary diabetic patients; not only will veterinarians finally receive effortlessly accurate data, the patients will live longer too. “

“The non-inferiority study further demonstrates the significant need for GluCurve in veterinary medicine. The in-home data collected is invaluable to veterinarians and by analyzing and organizing it into effective patient management it greatly reduces the effort and time needed by clinicians to treat diabetic pets.” Said Sidney Chan, Chairman and CEO of ALR Technologies. “Now that we have the successful results of the non-inferiority study , a MOU for manufacturing with a definitive agreement in the works, and conducted preliminary discussions with the leading animal health pharmaceutical companies , we are well positioned to start realizing the full potentials of ALRT. We will now focus our attention on completing a partnership agreement in the near future to commercially launch GluCurve Pet CGM in a meaningful way in Q3 2022.”

About ALR Technologies

ALR Technologies is a data management company that developed the ALRT Diabetes Solution, a comprehensive approach to diabetes care that includes: an FDA-cleared and HIPAA compliant diabetes management system that collects data directly from blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring devices; a patent pending Predictive A1C algorithm to track treatment success between lab reports and an FDA-cleared Insulin Dosing Adjustment program. ALRT also offers an algorithm to provide prescribers support for timely non-insulin medication advancements. The overall goal is to optimize diabetes drug therapies to drive improved patient outcomes. The program tracks performance of all clinical activities to ensure best practices are followed. The ALRT Diabetes Solution gives healthcare providers a platform for remote diabetes care, helping to minimize patient exposure to potential infections in clinical settings. Currently, the Company is focused on diabetes and will expand its services to cover other chronic diseases anchored on verifiable data.

In addition, the animal health division has identified an unmet need in diabetes care and has developed GluCurve; a solution to assist Veterinarian Doctors to determine the efficacy of insulin and to help to identify the appropriate dose and frequency of administration of insulin for companion animals. Thus, delivering the same optimization of diabetic drug therapies to pets as to humans.

On June 1, 2021, ALR Technologies Inc. announced its intention to migrate to Singapore. More information about ALR Technologies Inc. can be found at Information regarding ALR Technologies SG Pte. Ltd. can be found at


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